Deploy the App

Deploy the “Video Recommendation” Algorithm

  1. The application will run on an EC2 instance, but at some point we will need to connect to the server in order to carry out some configuration task. To do this we need to have an EC2 Key Pair configured on the server that you also have access to on your computer; hence, we need to create and download a new one. Click on EC2 from the list of all services by entering EC2 into the Find services box. This will bring you to the Amazon EC2 console home page.

    EC2 Select

  2. On the left-hand menu scroll down until you see Key Pairs and select it, and in the resulting dialog click on the Create Key Pair button. This will bring up a Create Key Pair dialog, where you need to enter the name of a new key pair - call it myLabKey and hit Create. This should automatically download the file, or you may need to manually do so.

    Create key pair

  3. Click on the Services dropdown and select CloudFormation from the list of all services by entering CloudFormation into the Find services box. This will bring you to the Amazon CloudFormation console home page.

    CFN Service Selection

  4. We are going to deploy a pre-built application via a CloudFormation template - this will be a fully-functioning recommendation system, allowing access to multiple Amazon Personalize features. But it has one drawback - there are no models built into it! So we will create them in this lab, and when they are ready we will re-configure this application to use them. First, we’ll deploy this skeleton application, which will require us to download this CloudFormation template file. Navigate to the following link, which will automatically save cloudformation_template.yml to your local computer.

  5. There will already be one stack deployed into your account, but we need to create another. On the CloudFormation screen, click on the Create Stack button to start the deployment wizard, and in the Choose a template section select Upload a template to Amazon S3, click on the Choose file button, and select the template file that you just downloaded. Then click on Next.

    Select CFN Template

  6. The next screen asks for more configuration parameters, but only two of these are required: Stack name and KeyName. For Stack name enter something simple, such as LabStack, and select your previously-defined EC2 kay-pair, then click Next (not shown).

    other cfn params

  7. There will then be two additional screens. The first is called Options, but we have none to enter, so just click on Next. The second is the final Review screen - please verify that the KeyName is the one that you just downloaded, and then click on Create. This will then go and create the environment, which will take around 10 minutes. Once the console returns to the main CloudFormation screen, you can continue with the next lab step.